About niiti

About niiti

We live in a world of devices, where everything is equally excellent and performance is reaching perfection for technology to create an environment of digitization, automation. The trend, however, leads to formulating devices that are more robotic in nature, creating an atmosphere of pure machines that can do the job, but the solutions presented do not tap into extremely valuable traits – Human Intuitions, Insights, Emotions.

Devices/Machines are good at simulating things but do not have the interactive power of a being. A consequence of this is thus that we are being driven by technological changes and not being the change.

We at niiti are being the change, where disruption is total and from the roots. Our goal is to simplify technology by creating products influenced by human insights & make technology intuitive.

In pursuit, we’ve seen opportunities in streamer market and are addressing our 1st challenge – Continuity of your activity across your devices. With smartphones, accessibility to data is quick and watching videos becomes an easy task, but the real human emotion begs to relinquish a viewer capability on a bigger screen, like on TVs. Which, then kicks in our human intuition on expecting the video to play instantly on a TV. HuTouch caters to Human Touch by providing a single click option to experience continuity instantaneously, without the need for dongles, streaming sticks or wires. 

The future is technology but a bigger future is in Human Intelligence, using this shift in mindset, we will in future focus on penetrating other technologies that work on devices in Consumer Electronics Market, Automobiles Industry, Home Appliances and changing the ways devices interact with humans. The possibilities are endless, opportunity for being liquid is now.